Don't let your disability keep you from traveling around Molise. We’ll take you anywhere you want to go, from Campobasso to Rome – and beyond! 

Disabilities affect all types of people. You can be young and break your leg, or you can be an older person who simply can’t get around the way you used to. It doesn't matter what the reason is; nearly all of us at some time in our life are going to need physical help. But that doesn't have to keep you homebound thanks to our paratransit service. 

Simply contract with us to make sure you get where you need to go in Molise, and we’ll get you there safely and right on time. Our drivers will arrive at your door anywhere in Molise and take you to your destination – whether it’s a church service in (A TOWN), shopping in Trivento, doctor appointments in Campobasso, or simply lunch with a friend by the sea in Termoli. Then when you are done, they will make sure you get home. 

We are specially trained to work with disabled people and will help you in and out of the vehicle. All our paratransit service vehicles are wheelchair equipped with plenty of space for the equipment you need. 

We’re ready to help you experience all the freedom life has to offer! 

We have different Molise paratransit packages for short- and long-term disability needs. And if it’s just a one-time excursion, we can do that, too! Simply contact us today to discuss exactly how we can help you.