Do you need transport in Molise for a small group? Perhaps it’s a business event in Campobasso, or a family outing at Nonna’s house in the countryside. That's when it's a great idea to hire a minibus and driver in Molise. 

Our Molise minibuses seat multiple people comfortably, but are simply smaller. They are ideal for short trips throughout Molise without having to hire an enormous tour bus. 

Your minibus driver will take care of all of your Molise transportation needs. Your group can sit back and relax. A Molise minibus and driver is the most effective way to transfer your small group of people quickly and easily. 

Our drivers use state-of-the-art GPS to get your group to where they want to go on time. They are trained and understand all the rules of the road. And they are available for short excursions, corporate events, or even as the main transportation on a vacation in the countryside of Molise, the beaches of Puglia, or the ruins of Pompeii! 

A minibus with driver allows your group to relax and to know they are all going to get where they are going at the same time. There is no pressure on anyone, and you have the confidence of saving time, money and hassle. 

So whether you are a school group, a corporate retreat or simply want to go somewhere in Molise with a group of friends, consider hiring a Santilli minibus and driver. We'll get you there!